Precision Anodizing Services

AMC is one of North Carolina’s most advanced anodizing facilities and holds a Federal Firearms License. Our PLC automated production facility offers repeatable quality metal finishing with small batch anodizing, precision racking and laser marking. AMC’s fully-automated system precisely controls each step of the anodizing process, and provides our customers with the highest quality metal finishing in the industry. We are proud to offer solutions for the aerospace, architectural, defense, electronics, firearms, medical, motorsports, and pharmaceutical industries.

Our Process

Federal Firearms Licensed

AMC offers anodizing services to the aerospace industry and regularly anodizes parts for the automobile and powersports racing industries. Our customers rely on AMC’s process to deliver anodizing results that are far superior to that of other facilities. Our team is dedicated to meeting or exceeding your specifications and offers certification of processing upon request.


Fast Turnaround. Superior Results.

At AMC, we understand that the quality of our clients’ final products are fully reliant on our ability to provide precision anodizing solutions. It is the reason we have invested so heavily in our automated systems, and why we are proud to be one of the most advanced anodizing facilities in North Carolina.

Our entire team takes pride in exceeding your expectations for on-time delivery, precision racking, and a quality finish each and every time. To find out more about AMC, contact us today at 336-472-5518.

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